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Yoga is a range of practices which have evolved over thousands of years, traditionally with the principal goals of calming the mind, alleviating suffering and reconnecting with the true self.

The practice originated on the Indian subcontinent and has been influenced by diverse range of cultural and spiritual practices.


Much of the modern yoga we practice today is a blend of traditional Indian practices and more modern Western fitness techniques. At Naked Hero Yoga we draw deeply on the traditions of Yoga to find tools to help us in the modern world.

Key practices of Yoga include:

  • Meditation to calm the chattering of the mind 

  • Physical postures to strengthen the body 

  • Breathing practices to balance our emotional and energetic states 

Key benefits of a regular Yoga practice can include:

  • A calmer more focused mind 

  • A stronger body, with more body awareness  

  • A stronger more balanced nervous system which in turn strengthens the immune system, promotes the regeneration of the body and helps us deal with stress.


Tantra is essentially the awareness that everything that exists and that we experience is just energy in different forms. The varied practices of Tantra seek to heighten this awareness, embracing all the different layers of experience which are part of being alive and exploring the connections between all things.

The practices of Tantra have parallel and intertwined roots with Yoga, and find expression within a wide variety of spiritual and cultural traditions. A common misconception in the modern world is that Tantra is focused on sex, in reality sacred Tantric sex rituals only ever took place within a handful of traditional schools in India by very experienced practitioners under carefully controlled circumstances.


At Naked Hero Yoga we consciously acknowledge, celebrate and embrace our sexual energy with compassion and respect, focusing on how we can experience it, integrate it and harness it in different ways.


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