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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Naked?

There is a powerful sense of liberty in being nude, a sense of freedom which reaches to the heart of our yoga practice.  Yoga has always been practiced without the restriction of clothes,  the ancient Greeks recorded naked yogis when they arrived in India over two thousand years ago and Marco Polo encountered them in his adventures a millennium later. The tradition of Digambara "Skyclad" yoga is alive and well in India today particularly among the Sadhus or holy men, including many Tantrics.

Modern science is now also confirming how healthy nudity is for us, recent research is beginning to show how being around other naked people actually makes us happier -

But doesn't nudity = sex?

No more than being clothed does, indeed arguably wearing provocative clothing can be more sexy than being just plain naked. That said, sex is a beautiful thing, but it's all about context.


The focus of each class is yoga; getting in touch with your own body, connecting with the breath, working on physical strength and flexibility, calming the mind. Being naked can add a sensual charge to the atmosphere of the sessions,  Naked Hero Yoga we acknowledge our sexuality as a driving force in both our lives and the development of our spirituality. Primal sexual/sensual energy is embraced as an integral part of our make up. 


The invitation is to fully except your body and sexuality, to harness it and use it to enhance your life.


What happens if I get an erection?

Getting an erection in class is totally natural and welcome. An erection a totally a natural bodily function and usually is a sign of pleasure and relaxation, just like a smile! 

In Tantra the penis is called the Lingam or "Wand of Light" and it is acknowledged and honoured as a powerful source of life, joy and pleasure. 

So if you find yourself having an erection feel free to just relax and enjoy the experience of any of the beautiful sensations which arise in your body. 


Is this is just an excuse for you and other gay men to get it off together?!

There is no shortage of places for gay men to have sex, this environment offers something different. Naked Hero Yoga is a place where men can safely  explore their own personal relationship with their bodies, their minds and look at their sexuality as part of their overall make up. It offers an opportunity for men who are same sex attracted to explore relating to each other in a radically different way.


What do I need to bring?

Please bring a yoga mat, a towel and a bottle of water.

What if I have never practiced yoga before?

It is not a problem if you have not practiced before. Complete the questionnaire and send a photo in and we will recommend the if the pracice is right for you.

Do I need a partner for the partner yoga?


No, in the class we usually pair up with different students throughout to explore the many different connections we can experience. Some students are single and some have partners at home, and we honour and respect all these relationships.  


Tantra traditionally emphasises the importance of 1-1 connections in all their forms and teaches us to focus our energy first in order to raise it. 

Partner yoga is where we learn to intensify this focus and begin to raise this energy, learning techniques and lessons we can then bring into your intimate 1-1 relationship with your boyfriend or husband, or if you are single to explore with lovers.

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